Why choose RSF Advisors?

Select Client Base

We are a small company serving a select client base.  You will not be competing for our time.  Our relationships with our clients are our #1 priority and more time devoted to your project means better service.
Tenant Representation Specialty
RSF Advisors specializes in tenant representation and avoids the conflict of interest of having landlord relationships.  We sit on the tenant’s side of the negotiating table. 
Focus on Solutions , Not Transactions
Our interest is in finding solutions to meet your business objectives over the long term, not in simply completing the transaction.

Comprehensible Market Knowledge
RSF Advisors will help you understand market conditions.  We know the market first hand, and have the resources to provide comps, statistical analysis, and data trends that will be useful to your business strategy.

Resources You Can Count On
We have long term relationships with Architects, IT Engineers, Construction Contractors, Furniture Vendors, Attorneys and Movers that we can recommend to our clients.
Proven Reputation and Track Record
RSF Advisors has a reputation for excellent customer service.  Our clients know they get the best terms in the market and are confident about their real estate decisions.

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